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What and Why

Young People and Adult Volunteers who are members of the Cadet Forces learn a wide variety of skills that are transferable into the workplace. These skills include leadership, team building, problem-solving, communication, health and physical fitness, sport, social action, music, volunteering and community support. Cadets and Adult Volunteers are offered qualifications that recognise these skills and provide tangible evidence of their achievements. Employers looking to recruit good quality apprentices and to offer career opportunities can benefit through engaging with Cadets and Adult Volunteers via the Cadet Apprenticeship Pathway. This will give them direct access to high quality, work ready, enthusiastic people who have not only attained academic qualifications through their schools and colleges but also have a wide range of life experiences and skills gained from the cadet forces.

Our Vision

To promote the benefit gained through cadet service to employers, enabling business leaders to engage with work-ready young people and to promote their apprenticeship opportunities to a talent pool that stands out in a crowd.

Please note that we are currently only supporting Armed Forces Covenant Silver and Gold Award recognised Employers, and Bronze looking to apply for Silver Award.

Our Mission

  • To work with business to identify ‘new’ talent opportunity.

  • To engage with Sea, Air and Army cadet organisations and ‘Early Service Leavers’ to create ‘line-of-sight’ of opportunities with local businesses.

  • To work with all parties to identify the opportunities to deliver meaningful engagement between business and youth.

  • To promote, align and support opportunity and talent with Armed Forces supportive employers willing to enable a cadet to continue serving as a Cadet, an Adult Volunteer and/or a Reservist.


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